Kyriarchy Destroyer

by Terrorist



released August 1, 2013


tags: punk Miami


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No Work Records Miami, Florida

Miami Label

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Track Name: False Positives
Look like them and you’re gonna die,
Look like their enemies and you’re gonna die
Dressed in death, justifying war

False positives

military establishment
Bent on permanent war

Not even a person, not even yourself
Just a victim of conflicts of interest
Not even a spare thought, not a tragedy
Just an anecdotal death
Track Name: Cold Dead Hands
Even the victims are guilty
Of wanting, needing power over
Fighting to death over nothing
To stand on graves looking satisfied

Can’t pry compassion
From desperate hearts

Poisoned by a
Culture of war and competition

Down-trodden victims of absolute greed
Chasing after nightmares
Enlist in the armies of bullshit needs
Fight for selfish profit
Track Name: Voz de un Cobarde
Es la voz del miedo al otro
Es una voz falta de sangre
Es el sonido de la miseria
Es el coro de la codicia

Es la voz de un cobarde
Es la voz de un millar de cobardes
Es la voz de un cobarde

Sucia cobardia
Track Name: Nariz Ensangrentada
Que importa el precio de volar
Si lo pagan en sangre
En otro lugar?

Puta nariz ensangrentada

Amigo de asesinos
Perro de sicarios

Hijueputa culpable
Track Name: Dysphoria
Internalized regret for choices I never made
Guilty of living lies
Guilty of wasted efforts

I am alone
Shamed through existence
I am alone
I am ashamed
Tested for worth
Absent results
I am alone
Held in disdain

Abject construct
Abstract reject

Screams upon screams conceal lies upon lies
Absent results
Pointless disguise
I am alone in this depression
Fuck all of you
I don't care if you listen

Constant hatred
Blinding hatred

The mirror stares back as a taunting reflection
A daily reminder of genetic failure
I am so sick of your fucking judgement
So tired of being force-fed your lifestyle

You call it culture, I call it disgusting
My life is not a fucking punchline
Track Name: Affirmation
I’m tired of being afflicted with the disease of humanity
I am scum, you are scum, we are scum and the earth is our hole
Nature’s brilliant way out is our mortality
Human self-destruction: the ultimate cure

Our blackened sun fills the sky with nothing

The ground we stand on hates us
This planet will choke our race