Disruptive Deception

by Nunhex



released December 3, 2013


tags: punk Miami


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Miami Label

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Track Name: Take Control
cut off and set aside
wasted faces and stolen time
thought you shook me but I got mine
give it back, took it back
take control
Track Name: Poison Society
you lost it all to dependency
you thought you'd be cured but not any more
there's no excuses that I can find
for these poisoned societies in my mind
broken hands and swollen tongues
is all I see is all I've got
crossed off, sold off
Track Name: Schoolage
gaining a yard
climbing the ladder
pay up, pay up
but it wont matter

too late
you fucking missed it
Track Name: Disruptive Deception
spreading fucking lies
your perception of me is wrong
cuz my stlyes strong? judge yourself
spreading so much hate
the line you have drawn is fake
I was never taught to hate
why do I feel this?
disruptive deception
don't cross, can't cross
won't cross the fucking line
these thoughts are not mine