Allapattah Blues

by Consular



released December 27, 2013


tags: punk Miami


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No Work Records Miami, Florida

Miami Label

No racist, sexist, or homophobic bullshit.

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Track Name: The Allapattah Blues
its hot and im dead who cares if yr stuck up to the knees fuck you lets take this further than what we knew or thought was possible so yea call the police
Track Name: The Beat
im slipping down for torture
im falling down for a chance
six six six
six six six
six six six
Track Name: Herbicide
your mind is out on a leash its not like it wont sell
your heart is out on a leash its not like it wont sell
or you could even tell whats done
were not like we were
our arms spake a coiled snake lies dark beneath
judge or jury a violet fury just once lets sleep alone
Track Name: Killer Maniak
i feel so naked and alone
all splayed out by the telephone
waiting for a call or just a hello
something to save my soul
self control has failed and i dont know why i should have died
there is no christmas only sol invictus
Track Name: Tomb
im smiling and the world is burning
fucked up like the rest of you are
should have been dead long ago
Track Name: Sour Ground
look around at the dead the suicides around outside
i saw you drinking blood straight from the cross
christ lives?
he walks, in casts of creosote
this is the failure of my mind
Track Name: Waste
waste away
Track Name: John Tree Sixteen
this is not it and its let go
this is not a test
run away run run all day
this is not a test
Track Name: Laughing Corpse
oh how you linger my laughing corpse out in the hot sun our putrid divorce
sucked down fuck up and sinking just a waiting for me
run a round on me run around like you do run around
one day ill get the guts and ill buy a rope one day ill get the guts and ill slit my throat
theres no power in this slow devour i feel just fine divine